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Calgary Regional ARES is a charity that provides radio expertise, supplementary, and emergency communications. Working with provincial and municipal emergency management agencies, along with critical infrastructure agencies, Calgary Regional ARES ensures they have access to reliable, timely, and seamless communication when existing communication infrastructure fails or is not present. Calgary Regional ARES also supports community groups by providing communications to enhance safety of participants during their events.

What is ARES?

ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) is a network of independent radio clubs and groups across Canada, coordinated by Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC). Each group operates primarily at a local level, drawing its members from the local amateur radio community. All ARES groups in Alberta work together to set standards and establish mutual aid procedures to provide tasking agencies (the province, counties, towns, cities, regions, etc.) with a coordinated response to requests for communication assistance.

Who can join Calgary Regional ARES?

Any ham can join. CRARES accepts hams with any level of expertise, from the newly licenced ham who doesn’t have a radio, to operators with decades of experience and a house full of equipment.

Why join Calgary Regional ARES?

You get the opportunity to help your community with special skills when it is most needed. To help you prepare, CRARES provides its members with training in radio protocols, emergency communi­cations, and emergency management. When an emergency happens, tasking agencies do not ask individuals for assistance, they contact ARES. If you aren’t a member, you won’t be tasked. Members of Calgary Regional ARES are covered for liability, life, equipment, and injury insurances when tasked. Newer or less experienced hams are mentored or teamed with more experienced operators; you will probably never be working alone.

What’s the difference between ARES and other ham clubs/groups?

ARES does not replace other groups, it operates in parallel. ARES focuses on emergency communications, and has established relationships with agencies such as Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) and Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA). Calgary Regional ARES members receive ongoing training and regularly updated resources, to better respond to any emergency.

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Calgary Regional ARES is always looking for donations to carry out it's objectives. As a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency, for any donation over we receive $20.00 via PayPal, we will happily mail out a tax receipt.



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